Sunday, November 16, 2008

Lazy Saturday

This afternoon, we drove to a small coffee house where you can customize your brew according to the type of bean and the level of roasting. The owner lady and her husband are super nice and welcoming. They always treat us to a free cup while we're waiting for the coffee to be roasted and some little snack. Last time, it was roasted chestnuts; this time it was purple sweet potato cakes and oranges.

They sell about 10 different kind of beans from all over for various prices. We bought the Mandarin blend french roasted ($6.00 f0r half pound) . One day for a special occasion, we'll splurge and try the Emerald Mountain ($17.00 for half pound). If you ever have the chance to choose your own bean and have it roasted in front of you, do it! It's such a treat and the taste is way better than I ever thought.


Like most places in Japan, you have to deposit your shoes at the entrance and wear slippers. Funny to see Sean in pink slippers with baby chicks on them!

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