Friday, August 14, 2009

Tokyo Theme Dining

Ever wonder what it's like to dine in the dark while ninjas slink about to and fro?

Come with us and enter the world of the ninja past at a very unique theme restaurant in Tokyo...

For more information about this wacky place and reservations, check out their website

Make reservations well in advance, and be prepared for an expensive bill! Warning: Drinks are about two gulps each, but they cost around $10... expect tiny Japanese portions too.
Despite the cost, this was a very fun experience!


Jason and Amy said...

I'm so glad that yall are doing all of this ahead of us...We're getting lots of great ideas from your adventures! :) Looks like you had fun!

Mary, based on that video...the sad news is that I don't think you'll make it as a ninja anytime soon. :)

Mary and Sean said...

It's too bad that it was so dark in there because it was really a cool atmosphere...go there!


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