Friday, August 28, 2009

Travel and Foodie Friday: What Was Your Favorite Meal This Week?

There was some good eating here in Okinawa this week.

I had planned on proclaiming homemade Chilaquiles as my favorite of the week. Needless to say, it's challenging to find authentic Mexican food here... I brought back a few cans of chipotle chilis from the states a while back, and was able to make a great homemade savory spicy sauce.

But alas, another meal last night trumped the Mexican breakfast feast. I met with the other editors of Okinawahai, an English based website for which I write about things "to do" in Okinawa. We had a scrumptious 5 course meal prepared lovingly in typical Asian fashion-- a restaurant within a private home! I love places where the food tastes homemade like your grandmother made it from scratch. Of course, there was lots of great conversation and laughing!

Take a look at some of our meal. I must have been too carried away with the food and the company because I didn't even photograph the main course:

Japan does these antipasto plates so well... salad with prosciutto, broiled salmon, bruschetta, potato salad, and quiche. Just a little taste of everything, but not too much.
Tomato pasta with scallops. Yummy!
Finally, Pictured above, green tea cake with mandarin oranges and Japanese grapes... the grapes are huge, aren't they? They taste delicious, but the skin is thicker than a typical "American" style grape, so you have to peel it.

Some of you out there in Cyberland also shared your favorite food adventures this week.

Check out Lorna's meal at Alinea during her honeymoon in Chicago. This dinner is over the top!

Reese also enjoyed a fabulous homemade dinner party in Italy with friends-- the best kind!

Since I am still very much within my Latin food craving, I'm planning on making Marina's favorite this week, Tico Tacos, Costa Rican style!

What's your favorite food and travel experience lately? Post a link or tell us about in the comments!


mina said...

These all look so good! I need an reminder or something to get these to you!

marina villatoro said...

That sounds like such a great dining experience. I love good experiences like that! where its about enjoying the food and the company!

James said...

Mary and Sean:
Your uncle Jim S. I spend 2 years in VN in the military and as you know I just went back this year.
None of those movies make justice to Viet Nam, some were even filmed in other places like the Philippines. The main reason they don't is because the most beautiful part of VN is the people. Which I had little chance to interact with my first two times there. Please don't miss Dalat (bring your coat) or not, but you'll see the locals wearing them in 65 degree temperature or higher. DO NOT MISS HOLANG BAY!!!.If you are near Nha Trang say hello to my girl friend(s)Ha,Ha I was to scared to get near any one.I was stationed in Nha Trag and Vung Tau near Saigon. and be careful with the motorcycles when you cross the street. Good Luck, you'll lov Viet Nam. Jim

Mary and Sean said...

post your link in the comments if you forget next time...

Mary and Sean said...

Aren't they the best? It makes the food taste better

Mary and Sean said...

Hi Jimmy,
I'm sure you're right about movies not doing justice to the location. I love to see how movies even warp the reality of a place... or at least present it from a different perspective than how I experience it. We'll watch out for those motorcycles!

shopgirl said...

I love Marina's Ticos and Tacos recipe. Unfortunately, it's impossible to find cilantro here and I can only get avocados in a supermarket that my husband hates going to.

I can only wish.......


Andrea said...

Look so good!


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