Friday, July 17, 2009

Cave Hunting

Last Sunday, we tore up the Okinawan highways again with a road trip south to visit the Valley of Gangala and Okinawa World Cave site. 

What an amazing place! We're so lucky to experience many different worlds here in Japan-- gorgeous ocean, lush forests, and interesting geologic formations.

We made another video travelogue of our adventure. Enjoy! Warning: this video is for adult eyes only. I can't disclose more than that. Watch and you'll see why...

If this screen is too small, check out the larger youtube version!


mathewvlasak said...

Totally cool. You two seem to be doing an outstanding job of really taking in all of the attractions on the "Rock". Happy 1 year anniversary!

Courtney said...

your blog is really cute =) Thanks for posting about this place, seems like my kinda thing!


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