Thursday, July 9, 2009

Who Knew? Your Next Beauty Treatment is Right Inside Your BBQ Grill

When I was in graduate school, I had a good friend, Yumie from Japan. She was from Tokyo and like many women around the world, obsessed with beauty treatments. AND I do mean obsessed-- any new product out on the market, Yumie had the inside scoop. All the makeup saleswomen knew her by name, she always got freebies for just stopping in, and no lie, I once saw her plunk down $1100 dollars for makeup from Lancome. 

I remember one time she told me about Charcoal Soap. She said that it had been a Japanese tradition for hundreds of years, and swore that it was excellent for one's skin and complexion. I love how different countries and cultures have their own beauty remedies... so interesting (even though I've come to realize the beauty industry is a huge racket everywhere in the world) 

I thought that was about the strangest thing ever, but low and behold, today when I was browsing around again in a 100 yen store (my new obsession), I found Charcoal Soap.

So how was it?

Positives- the scent is surprisingly fresh and sort of herbal and my skin did feel clean and smooth afterwards
Negatives- the gray residue if not washed off completely, stains your towels and clothes 
Last positive- at 100 yen, it's a steal

What beauty treatments have you encountered around the world?


Anil said...

It usually takes me forever to get charcoal off my hands after firing up the grill. Can't believe it's actually a beauty treatment somewhere.

Other beauty treatments around the world, I'll have to think about that one, none come to mind. I'll ask wife!

Vanesa said...

Hi Mary! I just wrote the empanada recipe in your "Dulce de leche post" Impossible to find the empanada dough (tapas)on the island so you will have to make them. Like Japanese say, gambatte kudasai! :)

Mary and Sean said...

Thank you so much! I'm looking forward to making these and eating them all at once! I'll post a question for you. What do you eat in Argentina that reminds you of okinawa?

Anonymous said...

I like sweets and I love making "sata andagi", the Okinawan donut. Delicious! Did you eat andagi? It's very Okinawan. You can find a little ones at Mr. Donut or Jusco. Or the best ones at Heiwa dori market in Kokusai St. Naha.

Mary and Sean said...

Dear Anonymous,
Yes, I love andagi too. I love the brown sugar ones...which are your favorite? You know how to make them with a good recipe?


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