Tuesday, July 7, 2009

100 Yen Store Raid

We've been in Japan for nearly a year, and it seems I've only recently discovered the wonders of the 100 Yen Stores here. Basically, these are like dollar stores in the states, but the selection of things you can buy seems-- do I dare-- sort of amazing 

What do you need? Cucumber Seeds? Iron-spiked ball hand massagers? Fireworks? Chopsticks? Beta fish?  You can find it all here.

These stores also sell the most wonderful variety of snacks. At first, I'd thought the snacks would be on par with Liz Lemon's Sabor de Soledad chips and possibly give me a false positive pregnancy test result (Fan of 30 Rock?). But to be honest, they're really tasty. My husband agrees and he's the picky one.

So, today for my new experience, I decided to let myself go a little crazy in the 100 yen store and buy whatever I fancied for 1000 yen, or about $10. 

This is what I walked out with:     

Asparagus Flavored cookies- no lie, my husband gobbled these down in seconds. Sounds like the strangest thing ever, but they're addicting!

Goya flavored Cheetos. Goya is an extremely bitter Okinawan vegetable which looks sort of like a prickly zucchini. True to their origin, these are bitter, but salty and go great with beer.

Remember the pancake flavored crackers I fell in love with a week ago? This time I tried the other variety-- American apple pie flavor. I don't know how they do it-- they honestly taste like little apple pies. It's probably some cancer causing flavor they created in a lab in China somewhere.

A pair of driving gloves because when in Rome, do as the Romans do. If you don't know what I'm talking about, refer back to this post about sun aversion hysteria in Japan.

In addition, I bought 6 porcelain Asian style soup spoons. I'm planning to make something special to eat and use them. No, it's not soup... however, check back in a few day to find out.

Last, but definitely not least, my new favorite technological invention-- these little dispensers to drizzle peanut butter and chocolate on your bread. 

They also sell dispensers with ketchup and mustard, butter and jam, and butter and pancake syrup. Okay, I know I get a thrill out of small things, but are these amazing or what? There's no need for a knife, no worry about getting peanut butter in your jelly jar, no quandary about remembering which goes on first...  and how come I never thought of PB & chocolate?

Wherever you are in the world, what do you like to buy at your local five and dime?


Carrie Stuart said...

Two things:

1-LOVE the 100 Yen...it does feel a little magical. I actually get kind of overwhelmed there and feel like I'm going to miss something...like I've obviously been missing out on apple pie crackers! That will be my next purchase.

2-So, did the asparagus crackers make Sean's pee smell bad? Just wondering how authentic they are!

Chris and Amy said...

I totally want the pb&c dispensers!

mina said...

I could spend all day in those 100 yen stores. We went to one called "Super convenience hyper-mart" You found some awesome stuff!

Mishka said...

I think the 100 yen stores are so much better than the Dollar stores back in the States. The one in Ginowan is particularly awesome in just how big it is. I could go in there with only one thing to find and leave with 2500 yen worth of stuff that I didn't know I needed but actually can find a good use for.

I actually bought some forearm covers for gardening at the 100 yen store the other day. I hate wearing long sleeves when it is hot but there is something in one of our flower beds that gives me a rash so I thought I would give these a try. I also get the hangers for bags in the car there, little screen fixing tape, all my everyday eating dishes and office supplies there. I LOVE the a4 plastic storage boxes for taking stuff in my backpack without it getting messed up.

Mary and Sean said...

Carrie, Mina, and Mishka,

Glad to hear I'm not the only one whose heart rate goes up in those places!

I tried the pB and chocolate yesterday, and it was good! I think I might have to try the butter and pancake syrup ones next...I found them in the Hanby town San A, 2nd floor 100 yen plaza if you want to buy some...


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