Sunday, July 5, 2009

Independence Day!

Happy Fourth of July everyone!

We started off with a sunset bbq at a friend's house in Chatan near the Seawall. Gorgeous view of the ocean from the patio. I'd never get tired of that!

Later, we climbed on the roof and watched fireworks.

Then we went to a World Jazz concert at Cotonoha Art Gallery. Remember the interview I did with the owner for my weekly post at Okinawahai? He was nice to put us on the special guest list. 

So glad we went. This was the first time I've ever heard Steel drum and Saxophone live in a concert before. 

For your enjoyment, a little taste of the music... definitely a fan of the saxophone!

How'd you spend your holiday?


Carrie Stuart said...

OK...I'm jealous beyond words right now. Steel drums are my very favorite music to see live in the entire world. I'm hoping I can get beyond this and we can still be friends. ;-)

Happy 4th!

Mary and Sean said...

let's go to their next concert together!

marina villatoro said...

I think you guys celebrated the 4th better than most people do in the States!!!

Sounds like so much fun. the 4th passed so fast for me, that I can't believe it's the 6th:)

Carrie Stuart said...

I'd LOVE to! Let me know when and I'll make myself available.


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