Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Van and Golden Goddess Updates

So, first off, remember my challenge at the end of my "Month of Living Dangerously" to get in touch with an old boyfriend from like 23 years ago? 

Mr Happy Van wrote me back! Yes, he is alive and well and living in NY with his wife and child. Funny, he mentioned in his email that he had heard about me over the years and actually knew some of the events of my life... anyway, glad I did it and rekindled an old friendship! I'm reminded of how amazing the internet is everyday...

On a different note, earlier this week, I went for the gold facial photo shoot to be the metallic Nefertiti in the upcoming September issues of Okinawa Living and Japan Update. The whole experience was pretty strange.

Do you know the movie Lost in Translation? One of the funniest scenes is when Bill Murray does a commercial for Suntory whisky in Tokyo with an army of Japanese videographers, scene preps, camera,lighting people, and makeup people. They want him to hold the glass a certain way, but the translator can only say with funny English, "Hold the glass with more intensity..."

So, my photo shoot was in no way as fancy as all that, but they did spend 15 minutes creasing the towel across me just right and this time they did cover my entire face in gold. At one point, I was horizontal on the massage table and the photographer climbed up, straddled over me, balanced on the table (I could feel the table rocking), and took a bunch of close ups from overhead. 

They said a few things to me in Japanese, which I didn't understand, but in my head, I kept imagining them saying, "Relax with more intensity!"  

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My Hotel Life said...

You're living the life! Enjoy every moment.

bingata744 said...

I love your blog! The two of you are really taking advantage of what Okinawa has to offer. My husband and I will be visiting in Nov. and I am making notes to go to some of the spots you have highlighted. There's never enough time though. I think I need at least another year on island to really feel as if I've taken enough of it in. Thanks for your great and very descriptive posts!

Mary and Sean said...

My Hotel Life,
Thanks George! We're trying to make the most of this great opportunity to be here!

Mary and Sean said...

Thank you! I'm glad it's helpful in some way...I agree there's not enough time to soak it all in! I feel like we discover something new all the time

Jason and Amy said...

I can't wait to see the pics of you covered in gold!


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