Monday, June 29, 2009

Day 29 Challenge: Ghosts of Boyfriends Past

Have you ever googled any of your old boyfriends or girlfriends out of curiosity to see how they ended up?

A while back, I was poking around on the Internet and I looked up a boyfriend I had when I was 15 years old. I'm almost 38 now, so we're talking about an adolescent relationship I had 23 years ago.  Well, I did find some information about him, the most interesting being that he accomplished exactly what he wanted at 15 years old-- to become a musician. In fact, he tours around the country now and has a following. I genuinely feel happy about that. 

In the months since that discovery, I've thought about those old days from time to time and remembered some of the funny details. 

On our first date, he took me to a Maternity ward to look at Newborn babies through the glass. Obviously that was back in the times when security was low and anybody could linger around. I remember thinking that was the most creative and original first-date ever. 

He had an old white 1960 Volkswagen Bus, which we named the "Happy Van". We used to drive around in it listening to Depeche Mode.

He had the most unusual family situation. His mother divorced his father and then married his father's brother, but he swore there were no hard feelings anywhere. I remember thinking that his family must have been really progressive or something. Now I realize we WERE living in the deep south. 

After two months of dating, we broke up over the telephone, and right after I had to go to my part-time job at the Space and Rocket Museum. Remember that 80s movie Space Camp? Well, I worked there and had to wear an astronaut uniform to work. That was the last time I talked to him, but I can't say I've harbored any ill feelings towards him over the years. 

I thought about getting in touch with him a few months ago, but didn't out of shyness or awkwardness or something. So my challenge for the day was to contact him and say hello. AND that's what I did. I wrote "Happy Van" in the subject header line and sent him a friendly email.

You want to know a little secret? I don't think I'll mind too much if he doesn't respond. I got such a little burst of energy just from reaching out and doing it.

If you could contact an old friend from your past, who would it be? 



Mishka said...

Actually since I joined Facebook 6 months ago, I am in touch with several boyfriends from my teen weird but the same time kind of cool to see how our lives have turned out. That is cool that you took the leap, now you'll have to post if he writes back.

Carrie Stuart said...

That's SO cool, Mary! I drove a VW bus in high school...but we called it something less...innocent, let's say. And Depeche Mode was my FAVE! I saw them in concert 3 times! Isn't it fun getting these little insights?

On the old boyfriend front, I have to ditto Mishka and say that Facebook has brought me back "together" with several of them. One in particular (my boyfriend from age 14 to almost 16) I was SO happy to see doing so well, because...let's just say I wasn't so nice in how I ended things and I've always felt bad about it. His wife looks like a supermodel, so I'm sure he hasn't lost any sleep over it lately, lol! Now I'm dying to know if Mr. Happy Van responds...

Kelly said...

Fabulous and terrific. I have been googling people for years (of course they never knew it!) and as with Mishka and Carrie, facebook has taken me into the world of catching up with LOADS of people from my past. Boyfriends, school mates, camp friends. The whole experience of getting to touch base with people that you once were close to and seeing how they ended up makes me happy.

(and Carrie - i am dying to know the name of your VW bus).

I can't wait to hear about the response.
Miss you!

Mary and Sean said...

Cool! I'm a little behind in the Facebook phenomenon...did they turn out how you expected?

Mary and Sean said...

I'm ganging up with Kelly! You have to tell us the name of the bus!

Carrie Stuart said...

Kelly and Mary,

Maybe sometime when I've had too many Cherries in my Diet Coke ;-).


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