Sunday, June 14, 2009

Challenge 14: Art Interview

Okinawa continues to be overcast and rainy for the 4th straight day, making it perfect to conduct my first people interview ever as "To do" editor for Okinawahai.

We visited Cotonoha, a relatively new art gallery that features expat and Japanese artists living here. I love the idea of a place that showcases locals-- it's interesting to me that we get to see artistic creations by people who may draw inspiration from all the same things we all see and experience here.

In any case, I met with the owner of the gallery and conducted a pretty messy interview. I was completely unprepared-- no paper or pen to write with and no previously crafted questions. I had to borrow his pen and had to think fast. There was some stammering and lots of "um" and "uh", but in the end, it was fun and informative. 

I'm also excited that I found a cool new place to hang out.

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