Friday, June 19, 2009

Challenge 19: Neighbors

Today was the Happy Mansion Meet and Greet gathering that I hosted at my apartment. I posted invites on everyone's doors, but really had no idea how many people would actually come.

It would've made me happy if only ONE person came, but I was pleasantly surprised by more than that.... Some of the attendees were a young mom and her baby daughter and 8 year old son, a Japanese spouse and her son, another woman of two teenage daughters, and a cute family of five!

It was really nice to chat with everyone, and I discovered that the timing of the invite came at an important time. 

I didn't know, but tragedy struck the Happy Mansion earlier this week. One neighbor living alone had a heart attack and called for an ambulance. When it arrived, he was unconscious and they had to break down the door, then sadly later died at the hospital. We talked about how if we had all known each other better, we might have been able to help somehow... 

We swapped info and now we all have 4 new contacts and (hopefully) friends in our building. I'm really glad I did this challenge. 



Carrie Stuart said...

You should be so proud of yourself! I'm so glad that it turned out well. Have a great weekend...can't wait to see what's next!

Melissa said...

I just happened upon your postings. I have totally enjoyed seeing your challenges. We are moving there at the end of July and it helps to ease some of the nervous feelings that I have from time to time. I will stand clear of anything that looks like poop but I am up for adventure with my family as well. Keep the fun filled postings going.

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks...I might recruit you for a few of them coming up!

Mary and Sean said...

Glad to take away some of the anxiety. I remember reading other Okinawa blogs before we came here too last really helps me even now to see other perspectives on what to do and enjoy it here!

Good luck with the move!

Kelly said...

Great job Mary. Fantastic to overcome some of your anxieties and put yourself out there. I am sure that your neighbor's really appreciated it (I know I would). :) Miss you!


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