Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Day 30 Challenge: A Whole Day of New Things

Today on the final day of my "Month of Living Dangerously", I had loads of new experiences-- all of them food related, strangely.

This morning, I felt so lucky to have found these. I almost walked right by them without even noticing! No time to sit down and enjoy a hot pancake breakfast? No problem, just grab some pancake flavored crackers...seriously, these are my new love.

Then later in the afternoon, I did something completely out of character. I made a home-cooked meal and shared it with the soldiers in the barracks... another first. I'm happy to do it again even.

Finally, my crowning glory of the day. First time ever to make homemade tamales in two flavors-- spicy chicken and also olive, chili, and cheese. I found the corn husks at the commissary here, and then chose this easy recipe online. A little time consuming, but worth it! I so miss Mexican food while we're here in Japan. 

How do you get your Mexican food fix wherever you are?

PS, Tune in tomorrow for updates and a round-up of my "Month of Living Dangerously". Did "Happy Van" ex-boyfriend ever write back? Is the neighbor still stubbornly parking in the guest spot? Have I noticed any physical differences since the Oxygen chamber and sweat spa? It will all be revealed.


Erin @ Jetsette said...

Yum, tamales!! Great job. They are very time consuming to make. I grew up in San Diego and love my Mexican food. It's hard to get good stuff when you're away from home. I remember when I was living in Boston in the 90s, I was trying to find tortillas in the grocery store and when I described what they were to an employee, he looked confused and then showed me to the pita bread. Um... no.

Also, pancake flavored chips? I can't decide if that's gross or wonderful. :-)

Fly Girl said...

That looks like a tasty meal! I don't know about those crackers though! I just got a heaping Mexican food fix while I was in Cozumel (handemade tortillas! fish fajitas! horchats!) When I'm at home, I have a range of authentic choices that supply me with fresh guacamole, moles and chile relleno so I'm afraid I don't suffer from the lack of it very much!


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