Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1 Challenge: Fish Pedicure!

On the first day of my month of living dangerously, I paid a visit to Doctor Fish.

Doctor Fish is not a real doctor, but a pool of little fish that eat the dry skin off one's legs and feet, leaving it smooth and exfoliated. What a way to self-pamper! It should be noted that you are only allowed to rest your feet in the pool for 10 minutes; otherwise, you might go down a few shoe sizes. (okay, joke) 

But I am not kidding that is a real treatment in Japan as well as other parts of the world. They are even believed to treat various skin conditions. You can read all about Doctor Fish here.

So what did it feel like? Ticklish mostly, once you get over knowing there's all kinds of flesh nibbling going on. 

Who else in Japan does this? Turns out it's a big draw for lots of cross sections of society...

So, this gets me thinking-- what other strange body treatments are out there?


Erin @ Jetsette said...

Oh, wow... I have never heard of such a thing! You are a brave girl. I love the photo of all the different people there. It's a pretty diverse group!

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Erin! It was actually sort of fun, though it did feel strange... there was even a group waiting for us to get out.

Anonymous said...

This is an awesome BLOG you guys have set up. Very cool adventures. You all have gotten out way more than Rebecca and I did during our time there. Makes me wish we were going back.


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