Sunday, May 31, 2009

My Month of Living Dangerously

Okay, call me crazy, but I am giving myself a little challenge. 

For every day of the month of June, I'm attempting to do something that I've never done before. Should be easy when you live in a foreign country, right? 

Well, I'm not so sure... 

In any case, not every day will involve a monumental life-altering experience (the post title is somewhat dramatic, I know). Some days will be more mundane or typical such as eating something I'm afraid of or venturing into a unknown place. Obviously as my husband pointed out, it could get expensive, so I'm looking for inexpensive options too. Finally, not everything will have a cultural angle to it. 

Why do this, you ask?
1) I was inspired by an NPR piece once about a woman who resolved to do something new every day for an entire year. 
2) As an expat, I sometimes feel limited because of lack of understanding of language or culture. Can you relate?
3) I want to squeeze everything I can out of living here
4) I think I'm getting a case of Island Fever (just being honest)

So, I invite you back for the updates. And since I haven't exactly worked out all the details yet, I welcome your fun, inexpensive or off the beaten track ideas! 


Jessica Simmons said...

What a great idea! :) I am getting island fever too... Maybe we can meet sometime for lunch and try a type of food we've never tried!

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Jessica! That sounds fun and I'm open to eating anything!

Cari said...

Mary, I love your blog!!! As for a few more idea....I always wanted to see the inside of a love hotel while I was in Japan. Have you tried out one of those? How about riding a motorcycle? Sleeping on the beach (or on your roof or on a boat??). Just some ideas! Cari

Katrina said...

Hi Mary and Sean,
I've just stumbled upon your blog, thanks to Okinawa Hai...And I'm pretty sure I'll be back many times. What a wonderful idea, something new each day. We should all live that way. Thanks for the inspiration! (I may be stealing this idea) And nice to meet you.

My Hotel Life said...

Hi Mary,

I've been seriously thinking about my own "Month of Living Dangerously" and I believe I'm going to pursue the challenge. Thanks for the blog idea.


Mary and Sean said...

Go for it! What's the premise of yours going to be? I'll be sure to check it out!


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