Sunday, May 3, 2009

Cinco de Mayo Sushi Roll

Saturday night, we walked around Okinawa City looking for dinner. We tried AGAIN to visit one restaurant we're interested in and were denied access AGAIN! Too many people with this being Japanese Golden Week (national holiday week) and all.

In any case, we ended up at the place next door. It's one of those places where the outside reflects absolutely nothing about the inside, but the name "Agariya Global Dining" seemed like it could be interesting. 

I always feel like we're entering a secret world when we go in some Japanese places because we just never know what to expect. The plain wooden exterior looked sort of boring, and if we were in the states, I would guess they served baskets of fries and chicken fingers. But here, who knows? It turned out that inside was decorated in a cool balinese / kyoto cherry blossom motif.

Throughout the entire restaurant, long pink flower garlands hung from the ceiling. 

Every table had its own private cubby area with curtains.

We ordered several different things including a seafood salad, fried camembert, and thai spring rolls, but the best surprise was a sushi roll made with spicy taco meat and wrapped in prosciutto. They do the most inventive things with food...

Happy May 5!


Kelly said...

Are you sure they didn't allow you access because they were busy? Or just because... you know.... it's you guys? :) hehehe

Kevin said...

Taco sushi sounds good! I would imagine that it is similar to the Japanese taco rice.


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