Sunday, May 3, 2009

Children's Sumo: Warning! Lots of bare bottoms!

We heard there would be children's sumo wrestling at the Dragon Boat Races today, and joked in the car over there, "What's that like? Do you think it's gonna be a bunch of little boys in loin cloths?"

So, yeah that was pretty much exactly what it was... in any case though, I love how sumo attracts all shapes and sizes.

Fascinating observation really. All forms of mental preparation going on like this father-son zen meditation moment...

or this group warm-up

and a little pre-match intimidation thumping

or the more seasoned wrestlers giving pep talks to the plebes...

The matches between the really young ones was about the cutest thing to watch ever. They had little idea of what to do, but such concentration!

And just like Little League games and dance team competitions in the states, we saw a few tears shed on the losing side.

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