Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hamburger Restaurant Review: Part 3

Always on the quest for the best Okinawan hamburger, we recently tried yet another wonderful place called Freshness Burger. Located in American Village near the Ferris wheel, it gets plenty of business.

We tried 3 kinds of burgers-- the classic cheeseburger (top left), the negimiso burger with Japanese leeks and a miso sauce topping (intriguing)(top right), and the salsa burger (bottom).

There were lots of things to appreciate about these burgers. First off, the classic burger (top left) was exactly that- a juicy tasty burger that you might grill in your own backyard. Delish! Both of us loved this one. As for the other two, we thought the buns were really good. See how the buns are a little bit orange? That's because their special ingredient is pumpkin! Aren't the Japanese clever? We also thought the quality of the meat and toppings was very good. 

When it came to overall enjoyment, Sean and I competed over getting the last bite of the classic burger! Negimiso and salsa were good, but somehow the variety of tastes didn't come together for us, though you'd never guess that by how fast we plowed through them...

They also sell a Veggie Burger that looks great, which we didn't try, but we think it's worth a visit for another time. It has a big hunk of tofu and lots of avocado and fresh veggies.  

So, we need more ideas for burger places. Send us your recommendations!


Jessica Simmons said...

Glad you liked it! I need to try the pumpkin bun next time! I love the awesome drinks they serve there- the lemonade is AWESOME!

Have y'all been to Gordy's?

Mary and Sean said...

we didn't try any of the time when I get the veggie burger! I also love how they have all those sauces of the world.

We're going to Gordies next...what do you normally order? Find any place with great fries or onion rings? We're usually a little disappointed by those...

K and S said...

my favorite is MOS burger, but since you live on Okinawa, I would check out A&W.

Chrissy said...

As far as I'm concerned, Gordies has the best burgers. Even better than Jet City.

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