Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Day 10 Challenge: Confrontation!

In Okinawa, we live out in the community where safe convenient parking is a hot commodity. Our apartment building has only one guest spot for all 18 units to share. 

For months recently, we've noticed a certain car continuously parked there, causing inconvenience to the rest of us who need to use it for whatever reason. We've had numerous discussions with neighbors about it, and we even tried contacting the housing office to no avail. 
The problem is, we don't know whose car it is, so we can't exactly address the culprit directly.

So for my new challenge today, I decided to confront the situation, albeit in a passive-aggressive way-- I wrote a note and left it on the car. 

It's funny, but I actually felt nervous and self-conscious about it. It was completely anonymous, but I was slightly embarrassed to do it. I don't know why... I can tell my students to be quiet in class; I can certainly tell my husband when he's aggravating me; but confront a neighbor? That was new territory. Can you relate?

Have you ever had to confront someone you didn't know? How did it go over?

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