Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Half-way Through My Month of Living Dangerously

Friends, I've been doing my new challenge everyday for 2 weeks now, and I really can't believe how fast the month is going! Thanks for all the ideas... I want to do them all!

If you remember, some of my reasons for this experiment included feeling limited here because of language and culture, wanting to get the most out of Japan, and suffering from a mild case of island fever. So... half way through the month, what have I learned? Has it changed anything about my life here? Here's a few revelations so far:

1. At first, I felt pressure to find a new thing everyday. But I quickly realized that amazing new opportunities abound here. Seriously, everywhere I look! Probably wherever you are too, so get out there and do them!

2. You get a tremendous boost of ENERGY from doing something new. It's even better if it's something you felt shy or intimidated about. (Example: confronting the neighbor) 

3. The thrilling part is not really about that actual new thing, but the new situations it puts you in and the funny unexpected things that happen there. (Example: Mommy, she's eating poop!)

4. I honestly haven't felt island fever at all. It's been so fun to wake up every day and wonder what my new challenge will be!

There are still 2 weeks to go. Here's a little hint of what's to come-- cookies, costumes, more strange beauty treatments!

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