Monday, June 15, 2009

Challenge 15: Mommy, she's eating poop!

Japan is the ultimate land of food gimmicks. 

Every month or so, there's some limited edition food item that comes out and if you don't take advantage of its temporary availability, you'll miss out on your chance FOREVER... it happened to me back in December when chicken nuggets in the shape of chickens were all the rage, and when I went to buy them, I was DENIED! 

My new challenge for the day, therefore, was to try out the latest rage, Mr. Donut's mini donut hamburger and french fries. You see, Mr Donut, a popular donut chain and MOS Burger (see our hamburger review) teamed up for this special "donut hamburger hybrid" promotion. 

A few weeks back, I tried out the "hamburger donut" at MOS Burger, basically just a hamburger in the shape of a donut. I have to admit I didn't quite GET it, but maybe that was just cultural confusion.  

But the mini donuts shaped like hamburgers and fries? No one has to explain that one to me! I mean, just look at how cute they are!

The buns were donut holes, the patty was a square of chocolate bar, and the fake tomato and lettuce on top was strawberry and green tea cream. The fries were churros, and though I expected the food fantasy to extend all the way to the fake ketchup too, it turned out to be actual real ketchup... so I ate churros with ketchup (another first!)

After my little snack, I walked around and stumbled on another food adventure. I found this booth selling all kinds of different seaweed. How often do you see that in the states?

The nice lady helping me offered me a sample of this last one, telling me that it was her favorite and the most delicious. Right as I was taking a bite... 

...I heard a boy's voice say in English to his mom nearby, "Mommy. she's eating poop!"



Carrie Stuart said...

AWESOME! I am TOTALLY taking the kids there honor of Cliff's birthday. Unfortunately, he's probably not doing anything near as fun :-(

Thanks, Mary!

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Carrie!
Do you love food gimmicks as much as I do?

Carrie Stuart said...

I DO love food gimmicks...I love anything foodie!

Glo sullivan said...


You are something else! I really enjoy reading your blog. Was it really poop?

Aunt Glo


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