Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Day 2 Challenge: Not-a Fan of Natto

This particular challenge I have been putting off for some time. 

Natto are fermented soybeans, a popular dish in Japan which has been around for about a thousand years. Countless times, many Japanese friends have explained to me that it's really good for the heart and blood circulation. You can learn all about the health benefits and cultural tradition of it here. (I had to laugh at this author's take on it)

One major downside of it, however, is the smell-- something like dirty feet in old gross gym socks after a soccer game. The other downsides are the texture and appearance. As you can see, Natto looks appealing only if you can wrap your mind around eating phlegm...

So, how did it go?

My thinking went something like this, "so far not bad... sort of tastes like boogars...hmmm salty...or more like vomit... speaking of vomit, gag reflex coming on... brother's dirty tube socks... finally relief, it's gone..." 


Carrie Stuart said...

OK...my gag reflex was kicking in just watching you eat this! You are a brave, brave woman! I hope that none of your other challenges would make you a candidate for "Fear Factor". Good luck!

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Carrie! There's a few more food challenges coming up this month, but hopefully I got the scariest out of the way!

Harry said...

I can't believe you ate natto! Even I won't go there... You are so brave, Mary!

(P.S. It's Mika)

Katrina said...

I laughed very hard, out loud. Eeww gross...I don't think I could do natto...Good for you though!


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