Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Last Look

The Kerama Islands were a lovely place to snorkel and I hope we get to go back there again soon. We saw some of the brightest most interesting looking fish we've ever seen, and the water was like a bath. 

Perfect afternoon for snoozing on the boat (that's our boat captain!)...
or having fun...

Don't you want to jump in?

Experience a little bit of the Keramas for yourself wherever you are--


marina villatoro said...

I would be a bit worried if my boat captain was fast asleep. I know nothing about boats:)

That water is so clear. Costa Rica doesn't have that type of water here!

Mary and Sean said...

Hi Marina!
Must be wonderful to be such a relaxed person as to be able to sleep anyplace anytime...

I visited Montezuma beach in Costa Rica and it seemed clear...but that was also in 1992!


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