Monday, June 22, 2009

Challenge 22: Frijol popsicle?

Today was a long hot day and BUSY...but I did manage to find a new strange Japanese treat to eat on our balcony as the sun went down.

I found this in the supermarket:

Looks kind of weird, huh? All I kept thinking about was cold pinto bean dip and how in the world could it possibly be made into a dessert? Turns out that Azuki (red beans) are a popular ingredient in sweets in Japan.

Surprisingly, I liked it even though it was very beany.

Have you ever eaten an Azuki dessert? What do you think?


Fly Girl said...

Oh! I recognized the color of those beans right away. Red bean pastries and ice cream are also popular in China. I don't like beans of any kind except lentils so I never tried any!

Harry said...

Oh david would love this. Those are the only kinds of beans he will eat.

Mishka said...

Is that the same bean they use in zenzai sometimes?

Okibum said...

Starbucks offered an Azuki Frappachino, not sure if it's still available.

Mary and Sean said...


Thanks so much for the Azuki Frappuccino tip! I have to investigate that today, in fact!


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