Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Challenge 17: Happy Mansion

One of my favorite movies ever is In America. Wasn't the ending amazing? 

If you weren't lucky enough to see it, it's about an unlikely friendship between an idealistic immigrant Irish family living in a rundown Manhattan apartment building and their Nigerian next door neighbor. (Rent it on Netflix) You never know how your life will change from just knowing your neighbors, let alone actually being FRIENDS with them!

So, for my new challenge today, I decided to do something completely out of character for me today. I'm hosting an afternoon social party at our apartment and I invited all the residents in our building. I made up a flyer and taped it to the inside of the elevator AND put copies on everyone's doors. I even put a translation in Japanese, so all would feel welcome.

Yes, our building is really called the Happy Mansion... check back on Friday to see how it goes.

How friendly are you with neighbors? Has it been a good experience or bad one?


Jessica Simmons said...

We have the sweetest Air Force couple living next door in our four-plex building. We hang out at least once a week and pet-sit for each other when away. The best part is that their last name is "Nabors"! I will never forget them!

Good luck with the party! I am loving the blog this month! :)

Carrie Stuart said...

I love, love, LOVE In America! It was such a touching movie. Now I want to put it on my Netflix queue so I can watch it again.

Good for you guys! You'll have to follow up with how it goes.

Anil said...

I haven't seen that movie, but I'm very behind with films in general. The movies I haven't seen make most peoples' eye pop.

Neighbors, you've got to be at least at a level where you tolerate and are polite with each other.

A bad neighbor can be a nightmare, plus good ones are nice to have, especially when you are traveling all the time!

Mary and Sean said...

Cool! glad you have a good set of neighbors... we all have to look out for each other here, right?

Mary and Sean said...

You know that scene where she sings Desperado? I completely broke down there...did it have the same effect on you?

Mary and Sean said...

Hi Anil!
Thanks for your comment! try to rent In America if you's a surprising movie, starts out one way and then ends really different.

Since you're a traveler, you'll appreciate the theme that people are different culturally, but universally value the same...

I hope no nightmare neighbors show up on Fri...

James said...

Mary and Sean, I love your blog. I look forward to see it every day(now that I can see it)We are having something similar on Saturday, but it was started by another neighbor, a little different since we know every one already.
I see that you made something of being in that tiny island and I'm proud of you.
Your Uncle Jim Sullivan

Grayquill said...

You have courage I will give you that. Last year at a function my daughter and I had a contest to see who could get the guests to say cucumber the most times. Of course I won - I think I am more devious. It made the socializing tolerable. Just let me stay home – please?

Mary and Sean said...

How did you get people to say cucumber? Might come in handy some day. Like you, I have trouble with the small talk. Feel like I'm throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick!

Anonymous said...

well, im am very shy and tend to keep to myself but reading your blogs has really made me want to step it up a notch and experience the island. i got pregnant 2 months after getting to the island and flew home during my last month since my hubby was getting deployed. after 6 long months in the states im so thrilled to be heading back to the island and really getting to experience. even though we have 2 years left i feel we have missed out on so much our first year and we have got some serious catching up to do! thanks for inspiration and kudos to how well you speak japanese i dont think i could lose the texan accent to sound so well.
-Candice Onken

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks for your comment. I was really shy here at first too and so out of my comfort zone. But it has gotten really fun to try out new things...I also don't feel as shy now! It will be fun to do new things here with your baby and spouse when he gets back!


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