Saturday, June 27, 2009

Day 27 Challenge: Cookie Baking Contest

I entered a cookie baking contest for the first time ever today. My entry was inspired by our recent trip to Hawaii for my husband's 40th birthday-- macadamia shortbread cookies dipped in chocolate.

So, how did it turn out?

Well, I WON ....

SECOND place out of ... TWO entries in that category! 

Okay, I didn't get the satisfaction of first place, or even the satisfaction of second place since who else would've gotten second? BUT my prize was a set of kitchen towels, which is great because kitchen towels have sort of been a point of contention in our household lately. (I washed our good ones with a red sock a while back...)

So, what are your favorite cookies? Would you ever enter a cooking contest?


Carrie Stuart said...

YUMM-OH! Those are 3 of my favorite things in one cookie! You should have swept the show. It must have been rigged. Your other half needs to lighten up. Accidents happen...especially with cars and laundry! ;-)

Chris and Amy said...

I have a ton of cookies I love to bake, but my husband doesn't get the point of cookies if they're not chocolate chip! Some other ones I like are caramel bars, lemon squares, and aloha cookies (macadamia nuts, coconut, dates, and white chocolate chips).

Bella Baita View said...

Anything with Macadamia nuts would be a winner for me. Miss them over here. You look to be having a wonderful adventure where you're living. Thanks for stopping by my part of the world.


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