Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 5 Challenge: It's All in the Name of Research

For my new thing today, I posted my first travelogue ever for an English website about Okinawa called Okinawahai. My piece is about Yoron Island, a neighboring island in the Ryukyu archipelago. 

Personally, the Okinawahai website has been a great resource of very useful information (even before we landed in Japan), and I am so excited to be part of its community.

Each Friday, I will submit a short piece about things to do in the area. Topics include things to do indoors, outdoors, nightlife, spiritual ventures, volunteerism, and travel on and off island. As you might imagine, this gives us the perfect excuse to get out there and DO everything. It's a kind of investigative reporting, right?  

As always, I'm open to your suggestions of things to do and places to visit in Japan, or even the rest of Asia.

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