Thursday, August 20, 2009

Travel and Foodie Friday: What Was Your Favorite Meal This Week?

Another great line up of food around the world to share for the second installment of Travel and Foodie Friday...

As for us, we dined at a nature hippie commune called Beach Rock Village in Okinawa. This place was way out there in the jungle and it had camping, teepees, tree houses, horses, and goats. We sat in a sort of strange igloo meet storage unit thing facing all the greenery and enjoyed the view of trees and ocean.

We had Thai curry (pictured above) and a pizza inspired by the Italian flag. I felt energized by the wanderlust book, "Wanna roam the world?" (yes, yes, I do!) and the perfect breezy surroundings.

Take a look at these other favorite meals out there... isn't it fun to see what people are eating around the world?

First off, I love travel and food vacations to big city destinations. Recently, Lorna and her husband enjoyed a belated eatfest honeymoon in Chicago... check out one of her favorites there!

We are huge fans of the show Mad Men, so much so that we download the episodes illegally here in Japan. I probably shouldn't admit that openly, especially since we've already been warned to stop by the Japanese internet provider. But Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake, whose favorite recently paid homage to the show, agrees. It's worth it! Think of this one as "travel" back in time...

Abi, the traveling doctor in Europe has a wonderful cassoulet experience in France...

Every meal of Kevin's from Closet Cooking looks divine to me, but check out his favorite this week.

Alex and Mina enjoy their favorite food at home before embarking on a round the world trip.

Finally, Nina of NinsRambling who is an Indonesian expat living in Bahrain longs for her familiar food from home.... don't we all sometimes?

Have a favorite meal of the week to share? Leave us a comment and tell us about it or post a link!

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Abi King said...

Ah, Thai curry. One of the few foods that I really miss when I travel through France & Spain. I am jealous!
Thanks for the food round-up,


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