Saturday, August 8, 2009

Food Love in Tokyo

On our recent trip to Tokyo, we enjoyed so much delicious food. We're in the process of making a video of our food adventures, but here are some of the highlights.

Berry Baked Mochi Donut from Nevyn Handmade in Akasaka, Tokyo

Crispy Duck Fat Fries from the Park Hyatt Tower Hotel Bar (this was the site of the famous meeting between Bill Murray and Scarlett Johanssen in Lost in Translation

The most delicious Prawn Tempura I've had in my life from a small tempura house in Asukusa, Tokyo

Blocks of Japanese style Potato Salad from Ninja in Akasaka

Vegetable hotpot with Miso Paste from Ninja in Akasaka

Duck, Sweet Potato, and Mushroom Tagliatelle from PCA in Akasaka

The most well-deserved Melon Pan Fuji Cake after our 10 hour climb in rain and wind!
There's lots more to show including our visit to the Ninja themed restaurant where we ate in near darkness as Ninjas slunk around serving food and performing Ninja tricks. We also have to show our drinks at the swanky Park Hyatt Hotel Bar on the 52 floor with stunning views of the city.  


Hannah said...

the picture of that donut is beautiful!

all of that looks amazing, my mouth is watering.

mina said...

This all looks so amazing. I am jealous... I have done many a post on my love for the food in Tokyo - I can't wait to go back!!! (...and that ninja restaurant sounds too cool)

Abi King said...

I loved the food in Tokyo - so good to look at as well as taste! Less convinced about the potato salad here but the rest looks fantastic.

My Hotel Life said...

Love the hot pot picture! Do you think the duck fat really makes a huge difference in the fries?

Harry said...

Mmmm... all those food pictures are making me hungry! How did the fries taste?

Mary and Sean said...

My Hotel Life and Harry,
Yes, the crispy duck fat fries were super good. The duck fat takes them to a whole different savory umami level, and I almost feel ashamed to admit they were totally worth the $17 we paid for them...ah, you gotta love Tokyo prices!


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