Monday, August 10, 2009

Get the Poop (oops, I mean Scoop) on Nightingale Dropping Facial

In my hand, I hold the secret to pasty white skin known only to Geishas for hundreds of years. 

That's right, none other than nightingale droppings, known as uguisu no fun to the Japanese and bird poop to Americans.

We found an old cosmetics store in Tokyo here that sells the stuff, and believe me, people were buying it. Why do you ask? Apparently, it has some lightening and purifying skin agent in it, not substantiated by any real scientific research, but since when does that matter?

It comes out of the bottle in a dried powder form. Thank goodness for that- I don't know if I could stand it the other way. Also, since I know you're wondering-- no, it does not have that familiar smell at all.  

Here's the deal: You lather it up with water, apply, and then rinse off. To be honest, the ritual was somewhat anti-climatic. I didn't feel grossed out or disturbed in the least, though I have to admit I was very careful not to get any of it in my mouth.

So I did it and you know what? 

I think it actually worked! My skin was glowing the whole day... I'm 75% convinced those geishas were on to something...

Come to think of it, however, it could have been the 10 hours of sleep I got, all the salmon and blueberries I've been eating, pregnancy, or even just self-delusion....

In any case, I've got a whole bottle of the stuff, so if anyone out there is know where to find me.


Tom D said...

Does "uguisu" translate to "this is" in Japanese? With your prowess at finding interesting recipes online, have you found a way to make your own yet? Also, I noticed an interesting word down towards the bottom of the post, not sure if it is another Japanese term or the one I think it is. If it's a Japanese term, can you give me the translation for "pregnancy"?

Mary and Sean said...

Sorry for the confusion...I am not pregnant. I had an avalanche of emails congratulating me this morning. I guess my joke didn't translate through writing. I meant it as in what's another reason I could have glowing skin besides the bird poop? I know, pregnancy! But alas, tis not so. Maybe soon though!

Chrissy said...

OMG! Mary! I saw your post and was going to congratulate you on your news...You tease....Well, at least, you have great skin... :)

Carrie Stuart said...

Wow, Mary...thanks for the adrenaline rush...and subsequent let down, lol! Hopefully we'll be congratulating you soon enough, though.

Cliff and I visited this same area while we were just in Tokyo and I was just in awe! I can't wait to take the kids there. We took an all day, guided tour of the city, in the hopes of determining what we'd like to spend more time seeing next time vs. what won't make the list on our return trip. We saw SO much great stuff...can't wait to go back!


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