Thursday, November 26, 2009

Freelance writing opportunity

Since I started blogging more seriously about a year ago, I've rekindled my interest in reading and writing. I always had it as a youngster-- as a child I would pour over books for hours and hours. My dream husband was Hans Christian Andersen, and at 10 years old, I wanted to be a novelist.

Through the years, though, aspects of being an adult such as working, relationships, and just daily living separated me from those early dreams.

However, recently because of residing abroad and being in a lucky position to "reinvent" a career, I decided to try my hand at freelance writing. It turns out, luckily, that there are loads of online writing opportunities out there, both paying and resume-enhancing.

So far, one of the sites I've really enjoyed writing for is, particularly because I get choose my own topics and titles, as opposed to selecting from an established list. Since I'm in Japan now, I write mostly travel related articles.

But accepts writers from any niche. Would you enjoy writing about parenting? What about cooking? Book reviews? There's really something for everyone, and you can even invent your own title.

Right now, Examiner. com is recruiting new writers. The application process is easy, and within a few days, you just might be on your way to freelancing yourself. Check out their site here, for more information.


Liz Kraft said...

Hi Mary,
I love this posting and can totally identify with your journey into travel writing. But Examiner is probably just another one of those write-for-peanuts-because-there-are-too-many-hungry-travel-writers-out-there-sites, right?

Reese said...

Hi Mary,

I think it's inspiring that you're reconnecting with your dreams. Often, when we grow up, we're bogged down by school, work, life and other disappointing events that we eventually forget what our passions are. I read somewhere that what we were meant to do as adults is revealed to us during our childhood between the ages of 11 and 13. I too love writing, however I haven't had the confidence nor the discipline to try and submit anything yet. But I am patient that the desire will prove so strong that I will commit to it one day.

Keep on writing and I look forward to reading a lot more. I really enjoy reading from your blog.

All my best!


Fly Girl said...

Congrats on renewing your childhood passion. I figured out that I'd be a writer at about the same age and always have been. It's not the easiest career path but very fulfilling.

Mary and Sean said...

It's true that breaking into travel writing is hard work and it doesn't pay that much right off, or maybe even ever. I look at it like I'm gaining a portfolio of writings, and getting a sense of how to tap into the kinds of stories people like. I also like that I can choose my own stories too...

Scarlett said...

Hi Mary,

I hadn't even considered trying to get work freelance writing until I had a peek at your site, but it's a great idea! Even if travel writing doesn't pay much or anything, I like the idea of being able to share my experiences, thoughts, and ideas with others. Thanks for providing such an informative article!

Anonymous said...

Fun to see your picture on yet another blog!!! Sorry I am so delayed in reading your good news!!!! Best wishes!!!


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