Friday, January 8, 2010

Cambodia Last Look

Stone-carved wall reliefs at Angkor Wat temple

Before I move on to telling you about the crazy next leg in our Southeast Asian trip, Hanoi, Vietnam, here are a few last glimpses of the very colorful characters and images of Cambodia...

I'm loving it too- this photograph, I mean.

I'm loving this one even more... check out the monkey in the middle

Puppets hanging from a tree

Fat monkey

Waiting for the bus

Do me a favor. Go there now, please!

Next up: The motorbike honking capital of the world, Christmas Eve with water puppets, and the sublime Ha Long Bay...


Ekua said...

Fabulous pictures. Especially love the one with dolls hanging from the tree. If I was able to, I'd be back over there in a heartbeat!

Mary and Sean said...

Thanks Ekua,
I wish I had splurged on one of those puppets now that we're back. A splurge probably would've been about $10, but it seemed too much at the time

I'd love to go back there too


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