Thursday, June 3, 2010

What Not To Do in Okinawa

Hi all!

Please check out my latest published Matador Travel article "What Not To Do in Okinawa"



Babs said...

I dream about going to Japan and I so want to go to Okinawa. I have a really good friend from there and she has always told me it's such a lovely place!

Ashley said...

Nice article. However, I do not think I will give goya another try ;) My husband ordered it once within the first couple months of us being here- not knowing what it was. He literally took maybe 3 bites and then ate his bowl of rice and wanted to go to Burger King. I tried his, and there is NO way I could have forced myself to eat it either! I guess you have to have a taste for it!!!

We did venture to Beach Rock Village recently, but we didn't stay because we weren't prepared. We ate in the yurt though and climbed in the tree houses. The road to get there was NUTS!!!

Eve said...

Love love love the article Mary! You gave me a bunch of ideas of things to try and things to do.

VagabondQuest said...

Love this part, Mary: enjoy the stormy weather and swaying buildings :)
Great post!

Uncork and Unwined said...

This was a great article! It makes me want to visit Okinawa! Id love to sample the local food and visit the beaches.

virginia bed and breakfast said...

Ocean Expo Park is a great place to stop in Okinawa. It's home to Churaumi Aquarium - the second largest aquarium in the world. Seeing the whale shark swim by makes it worth the stop just by itself. There is also a great dolphin show and a small village of traditional houses.


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