Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Oh The Things You Can Buy

On the way back from our weekend excursion to Sesoko Island, we stopped at one of the rest stops between Nago and Naha.

In addition to ice cream, hot dogs, candy, and chips, we found the most interesting things to buy...

US rest stops have nachos topped with velveeta. Okinawan ones have fried gutted fish... can you ever imagine a 10 year American kid asking for this?
How about some dragon fruit?
Now this is what I'm talking about. Hey mom, I want a pet beetle! But you promised...
What interesting things have you seen at rest stops?

Did you ever take cross country road trips with your family? My family had crazy adventures all over the States. Read about my road trip adventures here.


Carrie Stuart said...

Thank you SO much for the heads up! We will know not to stop if our youngest son is with us. I wouldn't get out of that place without another beetle in tow!

Ashley said...

So did you try the fish snack? lol


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