Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall in Okinawa

Who can resist a cow riding a surfboard?

The days have cooled off around here (a little), so I guess we can claim fall has begun. But we're still getting warm summery weather some days and even hunkered down for a typhoon this week.

Even so, we've been enjoying the subtle change in weather and scenery. Last week, we visited the Botanical Gardens in Okinawa. I can't believe we'd never come here before. I'm a big fan of gardens, as they offer so much more than just plants and flowers. They are also super relaxing.

My favorite part of our day was lounging in the hammocks... I'll miss this when we leave next year.
There were all kinds of interesting textures to admire and contemplate...
And I always love feeding goats...

How are you enjoying fall where you are?


Ashley said...

I love the botanical garden! I wish it was free, I'd go a lot more. It's really close to me! I love the cows! I have had a thing for cows (haha) for a long time. I always take a photo if I see a cow.

Becca said...

Aww - Love the goat pics :) I'm trying to get my parents to get a pygmy goat to keep the dog company up there, but they keep telling me the coyotes will get it...I think that's just code for "please for the love of God stop talking about it"

Sounds like you'll have so many good memories of that place when you leave!

shopgirl said...

This looks great compared to what we've been experiencing this past month - rain, rain more rain and lots of wind to accompany it. Are you sure you still want to come to Italy? .-))


Aron said...

well, no I'm missing fall. :)
Snow can be lovely too though--its just the lingering brown stuff I don't like.

saw your blog on a travel blog round up. I always like seeing how other couples do it too. :)

Mike said...

Fantastic photo and caption. Bravo!

Spencer said...

Looks like a nice place to visit. The botanical garden looks great.

Christopher Striefel said...

Hi Mary,

Email me some time and let's catch up! It's been way too long!



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