Monday, November 1, 2010

November is Novel Month

We have embarked on our toughest adventure yet. It is one that won't take us out of the house, but will push us to our emotional and personal limits. We are writing a novel together. That is right. We are going to sit down every night together in front of the computer and knock out at least 1666 words a night (yes, the sign of the devil can be found in that number).
You might be asking how and why did two intelligent people decide to embark on this type of journey since their thinking process is so different from each other. How will they be able to work together every night when they both have such different views on how a story should be written? All good questions since we are both wondering the same thing.
A month ago while we were driving around the island when Mary informed me that she had a great idea that was fun and something we could do together. She had found a website describing national novel writing month. After looking at her with a bewildered look and wondering how this was going to be fun, we decided to try our luck.
Tonight was our first stab at being the next Hemingway. To say things did not start off well is an understatement. Within 13 minutes of writing our novel my fun meter was pegged and I was ready to drink my wine and just be the typist. I had this vision of spending the first two nights setting the stage and working on the female lead's character development, moving on to the male lead on Wednesday, and then maybe by Friday introducing the character that would disappear and draw our two characters into a Hart to Hart type mystery (the two leads are married by the way). Within the third paragraph Mary had already thrown in the disappearance and completely thrown me off my game plan. Once that occurred the writing stopped, my temper rose, and I was told I was no fun.
I am happy to report that after a few minutes of cooling down the writing began again and we were able to complete our writing assignment for the night. We have set an hour each night to complete the task, and while we went over by ten minutes this evening, we are looking forward to accomplishing our goal.
For those of you wondering the working title is simply, Hell novel: A Tale of a Divorce in Progress.


Becca said...

Oh my goodness...what interesting timing you all have...this is going to be an amazing adventure for sure. You both just became the heroes of every married couple ever.

I can't even sit down and finish my own novel :)

Thomas Edison often wrote about feeling like he had two brains. In writing of the challenges of dealing with his two brains, he became a huge fan of journaling, not just about his invention ideas, but about memories, things he didn't want to forget, and so on. It seemed to keep his two brains organized and working as a team...

shopgirl said...

I can't wait to read the final product...if you guys survive that long :-)). I'm sure you will. Sounds like a great bonding activity and a very interesting project too.

bingata744 said...

Please, please, please change the working title! This will be an "adventure" for you, for sure. I am amazed at your courage to take this on. Good luck to you both! Patience is a virtue.

Mary and Sean said...


Thanks for the encouragement... it is stressful trying to coordinate our ideas, but we're making some progress!


I don't know if we'll ever show our story to the world... it's pretty nonsensical so far, but it does have some fun parts in it.


Love your comment! That first night was painful, but we've learned how to make it smoother. I'm sure the title will fall away and we'll replace with a much more marriage friendly one!

Европе said...

Such a truly inspiring and touching short story.

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