Monday, July 28, 2008

First Impressions of Okinawa

Welcome to our travel blog! We are lucky to be living in Okinawa, Japan for three years! In our first week of being here, we already appreciate so many interesting and funny aspects of living here.

1. Beautiful ocean vistas from everywhere on the island
2. Clear pristine sea water
3. Maximum speed limit of 60 km/hour on the highways
4. Friendly locals
5. Fresh and tasty food
6. Sumo wrestling on tv in the waiting area at the grocery store
7. Wedding reenactments on Japanese tv
8. Tropical rain showers
9. Drink vending machines all over
10. Ceramic minitiatures of food items

Funny experience #1: While buying our lunch at a Jusco, a Japanese grocery store, a man nearby overheard us pondering which chicken kabob to buy from the prepared food section. The man very politely interrupted us and said, "Sorry, I overheard your conversation and I wanted to let you know that the one you're looking at is not chicken. It's peacock." Despite wanting to experience new local food, we went with the chicken this time.

Funny experience #2: Needing a cell phone, Sean and I visited a local store called Docomo, sort of like a Bestbuy in the states. First off, they sat us at a table and brought us a dish of candy. Then the salesgirl explained the different plans and asked me to choose a cell phone from a display wall featuring about 30 types of phones of all shapes, colors, bells, and whistles. Next, the salegirl collected personal information and filled out the contract, all the while, alternating between speaking to us in English and then lowering her head and speaking into a tiny microphone inside her shirt to some person in some office somewhere. Before I knew it, the phone was brought out to me and was programmed all in English. The transaction ended with all the salespeople yelling (and I mean yelling!) at us "Arigato gozaimas" and then bowing very very low while we walked away.
Us on Chatan beach eating our Jusco lunch.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a new follower so I'm catching up. I like to actually read the people I am following. Your title drew me in from someone else's blog. I love stories about travel, culture, and adventure...and Precisely a love story from what i see in the pic (how cute)

Now I want to go to Okinawa Japan!!!!!


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