Friday, August 1, 2008

Moved into Happy Mansion

Mary and I have moved out the Westpac Inn and into our apartment in Happy Mansion. We have received our express shipment and have been given furniture from the government. The only beds the military offer were one double or two singles. We decided that getting two singles and pushing them together was a great idea. Unfortunately we forgot that the beds come with head boards. Because of that we have a nice little gap between the beds. This caused us to go out and buy a queen size bed from the base today. It was that or sleep like Lucy and Ricardo. No matter how many times that Mary tells me I should be living in the 50s, that is even too much for me.

As I am typing this post the NTT representative rang the bell and is installing the fiber optic cable for our apartment (no more moving the laptop around looking for a signal). This will also mean that we can start putting more pictures into the blog. The low transfer rate has kept us from doing that.

This is the view from our balcony. More pictures of our apartment soon to come (including our gorgeous government furniture which Mary already loves)!


Datis said...

Where were you when you took the photo of the balcony?

Nom said...

wow you were here one year before my parents were stationed here. You totally took a picture of my house. kudos


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