Saturday, August 2, 2008

First Day and Night in new Apartment

We have survived our first day and night in our new place, and we discovered some unusual things about the area.

1. At 5:00, 5:30 and 6:00 pm music plays and a woman's voice makes an announcement from a loud speaker somewhere. I am not sure what she is saying since I don't speak Japanese.
2. At 8:00 pm the opening bars of the theme song from Beauty and the Beast plays twice.
3. We have a roster living near us that likes to crow starting around 0500.
4. At 6:00 am the famous bars from Close Encoutners of the Third Kind plays twice.
5. In the morning you hear what sounds like the ice cream truck. It is actually the trash man driving around making his rounds.

The gentlemen from NTT (internet provider) came to our place and wired the apartment so we could use the internet. After he was finished we were informed that it would take two to three weeks before our service would be activated. We then decided to go for a walk around our new area. We discovered a new group of stores that had just opened that same day. There were three stores and two food places in this very nice area. The first store reminded me of Bed, Bath and Beyond. It had nice kitchen items, rugs, pillows and some furniture. The next place we went to reminded me of Ethan Allen (expensive furniture). The last place was a Japanese version of Ikea.

It was getting late so we walked home and ate our first Japanese meal on our balcony. We had sashimi, sushi rolls, gyoza and Kirin beer. It was a great meal and we had a gorgeous view of Okinawa City in the evening.

Here are three pictures from our Master bedroom.

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Datis said...

That certainly looks and sounds like a nice place.


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