Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Neighborhood Find and Restaurant Blunder

We have discovered a little gem in our neighborhood. Two doors down from our apartment highrise is a little Japanese mom and pop restaurant. The building is two stories with the restaurant one the first floor and the family dwelling on the second. The place is very small. There are three tables for guests and a sushi style bar that can seat about 8. The restaurant is in the Japanese style and when you sit at a table you must take your shoes off before being seated on the ground. There are little mats on the ground for you to sit on and the tables are very low to the ground. Since there was just the two of us, we sat at the sushi bar. We did not know what to do about our shoes, so we decided to play it safe and take them off. As we were taking them off the little Japanese woman who wound up taking our orders tried to tell us something, but we did not understand her. We later figured out that the woman was trying to tell us that we can leave our shoes on if we sat at the bar.

The menu was broken down into diferent sections; sushi, fried food, and a few other choices. Lucky for us the menu was in both Japanese and English. We decided to try the yellowtail, tuna and yams, yokisoba, and buttered asparagas. At the sushi bar we could see into the little kitchen. The preparation area was very small and instead of stoves or ovens they used woks. The first two dishes to arrive were the yellowtail and tune and yam. The yellowtail was still mostly frozen and the tuna and yam dish was very strange. The yams looked pureed but when you ate it you discovered that it more closely resembled slime. After letting the yellowtail thaw a little, it was very tasty. The tuna was very good but the yams were slimy and tasteless. We were getting a little concerned about the rest of our meal, but when the yokisoba and asparagus arrived we discovered that our fear was unjustified. Both of those dishes were well beyond our expectations.

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