Sunday, October 26, 2008

Chinese Garden and Karaoke Night

Lately, the weather has cooled off a bit and it's really nice to be outdoors. This weekend, we drove into Naha City and visited a shrine. There seemed to be a christening going on, so we couldn't get up too close to view the inside, but we got plenty of great photos with our new fancy camera. 

Shrines are also good places to contemplate one's life and future, and who can resist a fortune when it's only 100 Yen? You deposit your money in the box, and then randomly select a fortune to discover how your life will be in various categories such as money, friendship, love, and finding that thing that you lost a while ago. 

Our fortune for this year, by the way, is excellent. 

Once you've read your fortune, you can either keep it somewhere safe, or you can tie to a string at the shrine. 

After the shrine, we wandered through a picturesque Chinese garden. The garden was gorgeous with tall towers, shady resting areas, rock waterfalls, fish ponds, and statues. 

Later that night, we walked around our neighborhood, Okinawa City and found a Karaoke Hall. We rented a private room and took turns belting out our favorites. Who knew that time could go that fast...

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