Sunday, October 26, 2008

Fish and Foot Fun

Last Sunday we discovered a fish market that is really close to our house, and that's good news since we have decided to add more fish into our diet. We had heard that the best time to be there is 1030 am when the boats come in and offload all the fresh catch of the day. We had no trouble finding the market and were surprised that we had driven by it several times and never even knew it was there.

We had a fun time walking around the market looking at all of the fresh fish, eel, squid, and other alien looking things available! Fish mongers stand behind a glass walled area and slice, gut, and prepare anything that you might like right in front of you! Lots of gore behind the glass as you can imagine...all you have to do is get a number and wait for your turn to order. Not such an easy undertaking when you don't understand the language! After waiting a few minutes and holding our number out without being helped, Mary finally jumped the line and asked for help. Within no time we had three fresh tuna fillets.
The other half of the market was a restaurant. The few people that were there had some large orders of soup, noodles and fresh sushi. We will have to go back some time and try their food.

Outside of the market was a little park with a baseball field and a strange, small walking path and a sign showing two feet- a reflexology guide. Many Asian cultures believe in exerting pressure on different parts of the foot to treat ailments in the body. It is believed, for example, that pressing on the big toe can relieve a headache and so on. This intrigued us so much that we decided to investigate. Being adventuresome sorts, we wanted to see if this eastern treatment would help our western feet. The path was made of little stones in different configurations like an obstacle course, and it looked like it would relax and soothe our feet. Boy, were we ever wrong! There was only one word to describe it and you can tell from our faces, painful. We made the full circuit around the course, but that was enough for us.

All though the foot therapy course was not what we expected, we thoroughly enjoyed our tuna and look forward to going back to the market again. Maybe we will give up meat completely, NAH!

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