Thursday, January 29, 2009

Yomitan Village and new food love

One afternoon, I went with an Okinawan friend to a nearby potter's village. This village is basically a scattering of little workshops with various local vendors selling their wares. What makes it even more interesting is that many of the vendors live right there and share their home and work space. Yes, we made the mistake of walking into someone's living room, but we apologized! Anyway, we spied some interesting buildings including this one slanting up the side of a hill!

We visited several of the shops and I bought a few pieces of pottery as souvenirs. I love the rustic style of this pottery with Okinawan motifs like fish or animals.  

One of the best parts of this day was the lunch we had at one of the workshops. It was just a small family run operation, but I think it's my favorite meal I've had here on island.

This was a fairly typical local lunch with seaweed soup, fried rice, Japanese root vegatables, and tofu, but it was delicious. I also discovered something called Jimami dofu here, which is Okinawan style tofu made from peanuts. I know, sounds weird. However, I promise you, it's wonderful and creamy like a dessert. 

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