Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Getting Back Our Groove

The Mary and Sean Adventure household has been a bit lackluster as of late.

As you know, a few recent events have knocked the wind out of our sails. We went back to the States for Sean's father's funeral a month ago, and needless to say, we're still grappling with that. In addition, we've been winging it in the technology department since our Apple went kaput.

Our latest adventures have included a less than thrilling sweet potato festival. I know, I know. You're thinking, how can a sweet potato festival not be riveting? And when we're not hunkering down for a typhoon that always seems to sideswipe us, there have also been a few evenings of illegally downloaded episodes of Mad Men and Top Chef.

However, this weekend we hope that our funk will change. We're doing a jet-set trip to a Club Med at neighboring Ishigaki Island.

Now, I've never been to an all-inclusive Club Med resort before. I'm probably wrong, but I have all these images of cigarette smoking slightly bored Europeans lounging by the pool in my mind. I also envision lots of fruity cocktails, sleek sailboats, Kylie Minogue songs, afternoon naps, and aimless days too. Don't know how all that will translate since we're in Japan, not France, but you get the picture, right?

In addition to all the imagined sloth, there are rumors of a very real flying trapeze swing that I am excited about. I've never officially put my life into a safety net before. I don't believe the jumpy thing I did at the dragon boat races in Okinawa counts, so I'm eager to cross this activity off my list. Strangely Sean has done flying trapeze before at a Hedonism resort, which he claims to have been tricked by a friend into visiting years ago.

In any case, our number one goal of the weekend is to relax a bit and jumpstart our engines again... we'll be back next week with some stories and action shots on the swing. That is, if we're not nursing a spinal injury or off auditioning for Tokyo Cirque Du Soleil.

*On a side note: Things already seem to be looking up. We got our computer back last night, and it's all completely INTACT. All the photos and video preserved. Thanks Japanese techy apple support!

The photo above was taken on Moorea, Tahiti in December 2006.


Chris and Amy said...

YAY! Way to get a jumpstart started! We bungee swung in South Africa and it scared the bejeebies out of me! A trapeze sounds better. :) Have fun. Ishigaki is supposed to be gorgeous.

Chris and Amy said...

Congratulations on the computer! That's great news.

K and S said...

whoo hoo on the computer! hope your weekend is a restful one!

Kelly said...

Happy that you are getting back in the "swing" of things. I hope the weather is lovely in Ishigaki! (You know we love it there, it's like Summer Camp for adults!) Enjoy it and happy trapezing!

Chrissy said...

When were you in Tahiti? We went in June of 2006, for our honeymoon. Pure bliss. We stayed at Bora Bora and Tahaa. Sorry about not getting in touch with you about internship, right now things are on hold. Whatever that means.

Anyway, looks like you're keeping busy. How's Club Med? Kev and I are thinking of going there. We just got back from a few days in Taipei. Will post on blog soon.



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