Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Connected to the World Again

We have finally gotten our internet. After 7 weeks of waiting we are once again connected to the rest of the world. As everything else since our arrival it was a little bit of a struggle. We were informed that the internet company would arrive between 3pm and 5 pm. Four Okinawns arrived at 4:20pm. We quickly discovered that the visit was not going to be like the states. Three Okinawans walked into our place and began installing the fiber optic wires throughout the house. This process took a good hour. During this time an American representative arrived to supervise the installation and act as the interpreter, if needed. At 5:30pm we were asked if we had a key to the maintenance closet down on the 1st floor. When we told them we did not, we were informed that they needed access to that room to finish the installation of the fiber optic wire and since we did not have it they would just come back tomorrow. After waiting so long for the internet we told them that we wanted it finished tonight. We told them that we would drive to the housing agency and pick up the key if necessary. Luckily for us one of the cable people drove to the housing agency that owns our building, picked up the key and was back within an hour. By the time the house was wired, internet hardware connected and our internet account setup it was 7:30pm.

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