Monday, September 8, 2008


Friday night we attended a huge wine tasting event featuring wines from all over- California, Europe, and South America including our personal wine country favorite, Argentina. This was a rare opportunity to actually get dressed up and socialize and eat! The delicious food selections included different kinds of pasta, sushi ofcourse (no event here seems to happen without a sushi table), and wonderful little desserts.

The Officers club was divided into two areas. The inside banquet area had 5 different wine tasting tables specializing in specific regions. In the middle of the banquet area were a variety of pasta dishes, sushi platters, and other fun foods. A tent was set up outside with a bar for those to impatient to wait in line for wine and wanting more than just a sip. Large seating table, live entertainment and more food could also be found outside.

We were so enamored with some of the wines that we went back the next day to buy a few bottles to keep on hand and to make up for the paltry selections available on the base. We bought 6 bottles of some new favorites, but we were very disappointed to discover that a General bought up all 3 cases of our all time favorite, the Argentine Malbec! That's so wrong!

I did find a bottle of German Black Cat Riesling in honor of my cat to console me, however.

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