Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hiji Falls and Pizza in the Sky

We decided to head north today and combine two things that we loved, exploring a new area on foot and eating.  After loading up our backpack with a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for both of us, water, our trusty camera and sunscreen, we headed to the Okinawa Expressway and headed north.  It did feel a little strange going 80 km/hr, a full 20 to 30 km/hr faster than normal, on the expressway.  The new route got us from Okinawa City to Naga in just about 30 minutes, easily an hour faster if not more.

After driving through Nago city, we continued our trek north.  Our directions were very spartan, but luckily there was a large sign that pointed us in the right direction.  Our first stop, Hiji Falls.  After parking the car and paying the park entrance fee, we began our stroll to the falls.  It was extremely humid but we
 were pleasantly surprised to see that the path to the falls was very well maintained.  It did include a lot up steps that went both u
p and down as we navigated over the terrain.  After a nice brisk walk that left us hot and sweaty, we arrived at the falls.  The roaring sound of the falls and the dense foliage overhead made a perfect place to enjoy our sandwiches and water while we rested up for the walk back.  After enjoying the scenery for a time we backed our things and began the walk out of the jungle.  Just as we were leaving the park it began to rain on us.

After all that walking and sweating, we decided it was time to head to the main event for the day.
  We have heard that the best place for pizza on
 Okinawa is a place called Pizza in the Sky.  It is located just to the west of Naga.  Luckily for us there are some pretty good directions out there because there would have been no way we could have found it without them.  During part of the drive to Pizza in the Sky, we were on a one lane road winding its
 way up a hill.  With one or two lucky decisions on which way to turn, we made it to the restaurant without having to ask for directions.  The place was packed when we arrived which we took as a good sign.  We put our name on the waitin
g list and walked around back to enjoy the gorgeous view.
In no time at all our name was called and we were shown to our table- Japanese style low to the floor with no chairs, but cushions to sit on.   The menu was a white fan with the Japanese rising sun in the middle.  Each fold of the fan had a menu item and the cost.  The menu is pretty simple; one type of pizza with two different sizes, salad and a variety of drinks.  We ordered a salad and a medium pizza.  The salad was outstanding.  It had that wonderful seasame seed and ginger dressing we have grown
 to love.  Shortly after getting our salad our pizza arrived.  When you only serve two things it does not take much time to prepare.  The pizza was piping out and was covered with one thing you don't see a lot of on pizzas, corn.  Nevertheless, the pizza was just as good as we had heard.  We had a wonderful time enjoying both things as we gazed around and enjoyed the wonderful setting.  It was with a heavy heart, but a full stomach, that we left Pizza in the Sky and started our way back south. 

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Glo sullivan said...

Hi Mary and Sean,

Love reading your blog. Looks like your having a great time.

Lov, glo and jim


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