Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas- Okinawan style

Sean and I were inspired to have an "Okinawan" Christmas tree this year. Basically, we bought a collection of cell phone charms to serve as our ornaments. We paid special attention to choosing items that had some local significance. Take a look at some of our faves...

Happy Goya Man- this is the popular vegetable that Okinawans eat in any number of ways. Extremely bitter as you might recall from our "goya smoothie" adventure a few months back. We still haven't quite gotten a taste for it...

Pig taking a bath in a bowl of noodles-- Okinawans are unique from mainland in that one of their food staples is a special kind of pork, rather than fish. They love to slice off thick pieces of it and float it in another local food favorite, soba noodles. Not sure why the pig is wearing sunglasses...

Hello Kitty Traditional Dancer

Monchichi Fish-child Hybrid- remember monchichis from the 1980's in the states? Well, they are still alive and kicking in Japan. We chose this one because it reminded us of the spectacular underwater sea life in Okinawan waters. (Okay, so I don't have my dive certification yet, but it's a new year's resolution)

The grand finale is the ubiquitous Habu Snake in a Jar. What would Xmas be without a poisonous reptile? 

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