Thursday, December 11, 2008

Okinawan Gingerbread Men

Once a week, I teach an English class to Okinawan kids. The experience is so different from college students at SDSU as you can imagine, but it's been so fun and I look forward to meeting them every Weds night. 

Since it's holiday time, I've been trying to incorporate Xmas lessons. Most of these children have only a very general concept of it--some of them might have Xmas trees in their homes and they can recognize Santa, but many other details such as Rudolph, candy canes, and snowmen are completely lost on them. This week,  I decided to introduce them to gingerbread men in the spirit of the holiday.

Overall, the kids had a blast decorating the cookies, and at the end, they were giddy that they could eat them too. 

After the cookie festivities, we colored Xmas trees. I appreciate this ghoulish one with black balls and how the ghosts all hover around the tree. There's even a skeleton ornament hanging there.

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