Friday, December 5, 2008

Gate 2 Street

Outside Kadena AFB, there is a street lined with funky shops, hole in the wall restaurants, and biker bars. I like driving by there on the way to my Japanese class at night and I feel oddly connected to it. Then, I figured it out-- it's just like my former haunting ground, Ocean Beach. 

We recently went to a street fair one Sunday afternoon and took pictures of all kinds of things going on-- a local beauty contest, kids playing, tattoos, pink panthers, and harley aficionados.

A young Okinawan family out for a stroll
 Biker bar

Cotton candy man spinning his magic...

A street like this is never without a tattoo parlor or two

Local street food

These guys could be from OB!

Little boy having a blast...

and the winner of Miss Gate 2 street is ...

My favorite photo of the day.

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