Monday, February 23, 2009

Chasing Crime and Time

Never have so many superheroes, giant stuffed animals, ryukan fishermen, and evil killers convened in one place. All could be found running in the 2009 Okinawa Marathon. 

The event took place near our neighborhood, so we spent some time cheering them on and reminiscing about our own marathon experiences (how I hit the wall at mile 13, how I wouldn't let Sean talk to me from mile 20, and how I couldn't walk for two days )

Check out some of the participants. 

I love how his evil garb trails behind him...

Ultraman gaining speed ...

Winnie the Pooh enjoying the attention...

We must not forget yellow and orange-haired twin superheroes

or this kind gentleman who can talk on his phone and pose for a photo...

Finally, what would an Okinawan Marathon be without Goya Man?

So, what motivates Okinawan runners to keep going when they run out of steam?

Local music and...
Pickled plums apparently! Forget about those gel packs and power bars!

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